TWINS | Conference Ruhr

The Ruhr Regional Association, the KlimaExpo.NRW and the European Green Capital 2017, the city of Essen, are pleased to announce the first local government participants of the TWINS Conference Ruhr - Cities in Climate Change:

  1. City of Bergkamen
  2. City of Bochum
  3. City of Bottrop
  4. City of Datteln
  5. City of Dinslaken
  6. City of Essen
  7. City of Gelsenkirchen
  8. City of Gladbeck
  9. City of Hamm
  10. City of Herdecke
  11. City of Herten
  12. Municipality of Hünxe
  13. City of Kamen
  14. City of Oberhausen
  15. District of Recklinghausen
  16. Municipality of Sonsbeck
  17. City of Unna
  18. City of Werne
  19. City of Wesel

As a next step, they will now invite their international partner cities – the TWINS cities – to join the conference. The participating municipal and regional representatives will get a chance to share their knowledge in the field of climate change mitigation and adaptation, engage in interactive discussions about relevant aspects and gain new insights on common challenges. They will also learn about ongoing projects, providing them with an opportunity to identify partners and benefit from each other’s experiences.