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TWINS | Conference Ruhr

Dhirendra Kumar

Team Lead - Programme Officer, Regulatory Implementation Unit, Sustainable Development Mechanisms Programme, United Nations Climate Change Secretariat, Bonn, Germany

“Cities are expected to show leadership within their jurisdictions to fully support the implementation of the Paris Agreement, i.e. to move towards climate neutrality by making easy for their citizens (individuals, companies and organizations) to be climate smart, be vocal about their climate engagement and report on their progress.”

Dhirendra Kumar is working as a Team Lead & Programme Officer in Sustainable Development Mechanisms programme of the UNFCCC secretariat since 2008 and is responsible for CDM and JI projects and entity assessments. On behalf of the CDM Executive Board, his team is responsible for due diligence of all projects and program of activities that apply for registration as well as for issuance of CERs. Besides, he is responsible for entity administration and planning. This includes the third-party validators and verifiers who play a key role in the assessment of projects.  Dhirendra Kumar is a Civil and Environmental Engineer having approximately twenty years of experience and prior to working at the secretariat, he served in government and non-government organizations in India, mainly in the environmental sector.