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TWINS | Conference Ruhr

Jan-Philippe Schilt

Project Manager, eco – Association of the Internet Industry, Köln, Germany

“In five years, cities will be connected vastly more than they are today. However, the use of technologies will differ depending on which culture, country or even city you look at. Some will use it for control – e.g. of traffic, but also of citizens – while others will use technology to the benefit of culture, health or the environment. But one thing will change: Technology will no longer be just a tool – rather, human and non-human actors (tangible objects, but also non-tangible like algorithms) will interact at eye level. If decision makers do not want to get lost in these difficult interdependencies, they must have a good understanding of what is happening – the world has never changed faster and there are paradigm shifts every day.”


Jan-Philippe Schilt acquired a Bachelor of Science in human geography with a focus on digital transformation and the actor-network-theory. Following his studies, he worked for several startups and IT consultancies before joining eco – Association of the Internet Industry, where he now specializes in Smart Cities, Smart Home and IoT in general.