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TWINS | Conference Ruhr

Jurn de Winter

Project Manager, Circle Cities Programme, Circle Economy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"The circular economy is a key lever for reaching a resource efficient city, while at the same time being instrumental in reducing GHG emissions and creating new jobs."

Jurn leads Circle Economy’s Circle Cities Programme and has over three years of experience in advising cities and regions including Glasgow, Amsterdam, Brussels and North Holland on how to transition to a circular economy.  He advises cities on which practical and scalable circular strategies to implement, the potential impact of a circular economy on the city and how to create an effective and implementable action plan. Additionally, Jurn has worked with waste companies to develop a future vision and tangible strategies for waste valorization. Furthermore, he has developed Circle Business Case, a tool that illustrates the trade-offs of end-of-life scenarios from the product to the sector level. This tool has been applied to numerous industries including construction and textiles. He has also collaborated with the Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment to implement the circular economy throughout the Netherlands. His background is in economics, energy engineering, and environmental sciences, and he holds a masters degree in sustainable development.