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TWINS | Conference Ruhr

Reinder Brolsma

Senior Researcher, Urban Water Management, Deltares, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Reinder Brolsma is a specialist on urban hydrology, integrating knowledge on pluvial flooding, water supply, geohydrology, urban-heat islands and ecohydrology. He applies his experience to increase resilience and water security of urban areas, i.e. water sensitive urban design. He has worked on projects on sustainable drainage systems in e.g. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin, New Orleans, Oaxaca and Beira. To facilitate the climate adaptation process he had a leading role in the Adaptation Support Tool for co-creating spatial designs of sustainable urban water systems, with successful workshops with the communities of e.g. Berlin, Utrecht, Guayaquil and London. Next to that he did several measurement and modelling studies on the cooling effect of surface water and vegetation on the urban heat island. His PhD research focused on the effect of climate change on carbon and water balance of forest ecosystems.