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TWINS | Conference Ruhr

Saskia Beer

Founder/Director, TransformCity®, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"Climate change is a challenge cities cannot solve on their own. Active education, involvement and ongoing collective action by government, businesses, organizations and citizens is essential to create the necessary ecological impact and the organizational resilience for sustainably coping with change."

Saskia Beer is CEO of TransformCity®. She was trained as an architect and worked in The Netherlands and Japan. In 2010 her initiative Glamourmanifest (later ZO!City) unsolicitedly adopted Amstel3, a struggling office district in Amsterdam. After the municipality had to withdraw her redevelopment plans, Glamourmanifest built a multi-stakeholder support base around the area transformation. Since May 2016 Amstel3 forms the test bed for TransformCity®: smart online platform for collaborative urban development. TransformCity® won the second prize in Le Monde International Smart Cities Innovation Awards 2016 and the 2016 Call for Solutions of the World Smart City Expo in Barcelona. Also it is a best practice in the Citizen City Action Cluster of EIP-SCC. In 2017 the Municipality of Amsterdam officially became launching customer. TransformCity® already received interest from 50 cities worldwide and is now further developing and scaling. Saskia is actively involved in the international discourse about urban development and is a regular speaker on the topic.