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TWINS | Conference Ruhr


Hundreds of coal mines produced coal in the Ruhr area, but only one has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 2001. With good reason: the Zollverein Coal Mine is a masterpiece of industrial architecture, created by the visionaries Fritz Schupp and Martin Kremmer.

The symmetrical arrangement of buildings is still impressive today - the facilities designed down to the last detail are a completely preserved synthesis of the arts.



Gelsenkirchener Straße 181
45309 Essen
+49 201 246 81-0

As you can see from the Zollverein map, day 2 of the conference will take place in different locations scattered across the venue. Therefore, please make sure you dress comfortably for the weather.

© Jochen Tack / Stiftung Zollverein

Should you arrive in Essen by train, please change at Essen main station:

Tram 107 „Kulturlinie“
Stop: „Zollverein" [NOT: "Zollverein Nord"]

The tram stop is located at the south entrance "Freiheit" of Essen main station. 2017

Should you travel to the Zollverein by car, please use the following address for your navigation system:

45141 Essen

Directions 2017

The Zollverein is located in the in the north-eastern part of Essen, the quarter of Stoppenberg. The area is surrounded by the streets Arendahls Wiese, Fritz-Schupp-Allee, Gelsenkirchener Straße und Haldenstraße. The main entrance, providing the famous view of the shaft tower, is facing the Gelsenkirchener Straße. 2017